La empresa Althenia y el Ayuntamiento de Vélez-Málaga han puesto en marcha una nueva iniciativa para lograr el uso del contenedor marrón, el de materia orgánica, en el municipio. Ambas entidades, que fueron pioneras en la provincia con la implantación del contenedor marrón en 2021, han comenzado una campaña de concienciación. 

The company Althenia and the Velez-Malaga Town Council have launched a new initiative to encourage the use of the brown container, the organic waste container, in the municipality. Both entities, which were pioneers in the province with the implementation of the brown bin in 2021, have started an awareness campaign.

This project, aimed mainly at households and the hotel and catering trade, draws attention to the need to separate waste. Approximately 40% of the weight of waste generated daily in households is made up of organic matter. This waste is recyclable and can be used as compost for agriculture, parks, gardens…

Althenia, the company specialised in environmental actions, has planned different actions to achieve an efficient use of the brown bin. Together with the Department of the Environment, citizen information points have been set up with specialised personnel and didactic material. In addition, a door-to-door collection of organic waste has been initiated for the hotel and catering industry.

The brown container with a key

One of the actions that have been prepared for this campaign consists of placing locks on the containers. To avoid contamination with other types of waste, it has been decided to give a key to each resident who wants to participate in the project and recycle. In this way, the collection and use of organic waste is optimised. The free telephone number provided by Althenia to join the campaign and request the key is 900 702 703.

This initiative coincides with the cleaning reinforcement programme that Althenia has planned with the Town Hall of Velez-Malaga for the summer months. The service is therefore increased with an increase in mechanical scrubbing, sweeping, collection of bins and containers, reinforcement of sweeping or door to door collection for organic waste, among others.