La Gerencia de Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla ha adjudicado a Sando el nuevo contrato de conservación y el mantenimiento de los carriles bici de la ciudad.. cycling lanes

Seville City Council’s Urban Planning and Environment Department has awarded Sando the new contract for maintenance and upkeep of the city’s cycle lanes. This service permanently attends to cycling lanes and promotes sustainability.

With its specialised Infrastructure Upkeep and Maintenance area, the company Sando will manage the almost 200 kilometres of cycle lanes at Seville’s road network. This service will also guarantee an immediate response to possible incidents and anomalous situations.

As communicated by the City Council, the new contract aims to maintain the tarmac and all the elements that make up the cycling infrastructure, such as signs, bike racks, and bicycle stations.

Monitoring and control cycling lanes maintenance

Sando’s professionals will use an application to monitor, manage and control their activities. In addition, this system will allow the spatial geolocation of interventions.

The service is complemented by dealing with citizen requests and complaints that reach Seville City Council through its information and communication channels.

Sando’s Infrastructure Upkeep and Maintenance division also manages other services such as urban roads, hydraulic installations, roads and railways, buildings and forestry activities.