El Cabildo de La Gomera adjudica a Conacon-Sando la nueva red de recarga para vehículos eléctricos

The island of La Gomera will have a new charging network for electric vehicles. The La Gomera Inter-Island Council has awarded Sando the construction and maintenance works to provide service to the six municipalities.

As communicated by the La Gomera Inter-Island Council, the contracting board has proposed awarding the project to create the island’s network of charging points to the joint venture formed by the companies Conacon and Sando.

The Inter-Island Council has reported that this investment of more than one million euros has led to one of the most critical energy initiatives taking shape, to provide the island with “cutting-edge infrastructures” in this technology.

The agreement reached with the six local councils by the Inter-Island Council includes an electric charging point in each municipality, except for Vallehermoso, which will have an additional one in Chipude and another in La Laguna Grande’s leisure area.

In this regard, Sando has participated in the Victoria project, the first research project to develop a dynamic induction electric charging rail in Spain. This technology allows an electric vehicle to recharge its battery while moving.

The Sando Group has more than 45 years of experience in the execution of industrial infrastructures. Sando has built singular industrial projects such as the gas pipelines in Castellón and Albacete, the Madrid metro depots, the South power station at Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, and the Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Conservation and Maintenance Works Plan for the Municipal Heritage Buildings of Malaga City Council, among others.