Sando ha concluido las obras de remodelación de la estación de metro de Madrid de Gran Vía. Una intervención en la que han participado Metro de Madrid, la Dirección General de Infraestructuras de la Comunidad de Madrid y Adif.

Sando has completed the refurbishment of the Gran Vía metro station in Madrid. An intervention in which Metro de Madrid, the Directorate General of Infrastructures of the Community of Madrid and Adif took part.

As indicated by the Community of Madrid, the new infrastructure is one of the most ambitious projects in the region. It is a major extension, improves accessibility and connects the Puerta del Sol axis (with Metro and Cercanías-Renfe) and Gran Vía.

The works carried out by Sando consisted of a complete extension of the existing station, which has a vertical axis connecting the different levels. On the first level, the lobby areas have been increased from 900 to 2000 square metres.

On a second level, a museum has been set up with the archaeological remains found during the excavation and extension of the station. Finally, on a third level, it connects with line 5 and an access gallery that links the Gran Vía Metro station with the Renfe Cercanías Sol station. Sando has also redeveloped the surrounding areas.

The work carried out by Sando is the equivalent of an 8-storey underground building wedged between the buildings on the sides of Calle Montera. The construction company has used BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology to carry it out, thus adapting the project to reality efficiently and with greater safety and accuracy.