The Melonares Dam

Construction of the Melonares Dam, area of ecological compensation and set of compensation measures and environmental impact corrective measures, M.T. miscellaneous. Seville.

  • Contracting body: Directorate General of Hydraulic Works and Water Quality of the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Location: Seville (Andalusia)
  • Description: Classified as a large dam, it is located on the Viar river and floods a strip of 16 km longitudinally over the course of the river, covering 14.57 km2. The gravity arch is 50.25 m in height, made out of vibrated concrete, and has 180 hm3 of capacity and 1,300 ha of occupation, with an accompanying dike with an approximate length of 1,300 m and two weirs at the back of the dam made out of compacted concrete. For its execution 83,617 m3 of concrete have been used.