La Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo ha adjudicado el nuevo Plan de Conservación Viaria de la Ciudad de Málaga a la empresa Sando en UTE. El contrato tiene una dotación económica superior a los ocho millones de euros.

The Municipal Urban Planning Department has awarded the new Road Maintenance Plan for the city of Malaga to the company Sando in a joint venture. The contract is worth more than eight million euros.

Sando’s Infrastructure Conservation and Maintenance area will once again be responsible for road maintenance in the fifth-largest city in the country.  Sando has presented a comprehensive bid with up to three improvements to the technical specifications.

The new  Plan for the city of Malaga will have a duration of two years, extendable for the same period. Secondly, it will be staffed by a large group of many technical and administrative personnel for the inspection and repair of the roads.

The purpose of the project to be developed by Sando is to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of road surfaces and pavements, very busy roads, street furnishings (railings, litter bins and benches), internal paths in city parks and open spaces, as well as retaining elements (walls, embankments …) in the city’s 11 districts.

As part of its commitment to R&D&i, Sando, together with other companies, designed and implemented the Genesis programme in Malaga, an intelligent computer system for road maintenance. Moreover, the Sando Group also currently manages public road maintenance in Seville and other towns such as Marbella.