The company has obtained the Aenor certificate for implementing an Energy Management System at EMASESA´s El Copero WWTP in Seville
The company Sando Construcciones has obtained the ISO 50001 certificate from Aenor for the implementation of an Energy Management System at the El Copero WWTP, the largest WWTP in Spain. In this way, Sando becomes the first Andalusian company to obtain this certification, in accordance with ISO 50001:2018.

Sando, in its Infrastructure Conservation and Maintenance area, manages, in a joint venture with Facsa, the operation of the Dos Hermanas Copero WWTP for Emasesa. The scope of this certification focuses on the operation, maintenance and conservation services of the Copero wastewater treatment plant and pumping station in Guadaíra (right bank). The Copero WWTP has a current treatment capacity of 255,000 m3/day.

The purification process is the largest consumer of energy in the urban water cycle and the Energy Management system is a tool to optimise the use of water, strengthening the water-energy binomial in which it is necessary to introduce the climate variable. In 2018, the Copero WWTP achieved levels of energy self-sufficiency of over 80%, which contributes to the sustainability of the most environmental process in the cycle.

This new certification acknowledges the commitment to efficient, sustainable and continuous improvement use, which translates into real and quantifiable savings in energy costs at this facility. It also means a reduction in associated financial costs, in greenhouse gas emissions and makes it possible to reduce primary energy consumption, as well as external dependence and energy intensity.

This certification is a useful and effective tool for improving energy performance, continuously complying with current legislation on the subject, making energy managers jobs easier and implementing and monitoring actions resulting from energy audits.

As part of its commitment to quality, efficiency and the prevention of risks in the workplace, this year the Sando business group has been one of the first construction companies in the country to certify its Health and Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 45001:2018, the first international ISO standard for the prevention of risks in the workplace and the first construction company to do so in Andalusia through Aenor.

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