La empresa Sando ha suscrito un convenio de colaboración con la institución educativa especializada en ingeniería, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. El acuerdo otorga a Sando un acceso preferente a los programas de formación de Zigurat, sobre todo a los relacionados con la metodología BIM, arquitectura, innovación y transformación digital de las empresas.

Sando has signed a collaboration agreement with the educational institution specialising in engineering, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. The agreement gives Sando preferential access to Zigurat’s training programmes, especially those related to BIM methodology, architecture, innovation and digital transformation of companies.

This new partnership will help the two entities to develop training, dissemination and talent promotion activities. One of the main aspects will be the international master’s degree in BIM Management in civil engineering, infrastructures and GIS offered by Zigurat.

Use of technologies

The two entities will benefit from exchanging knowledge in areas in which they are leaders in the sector.

Sando intends to increase synergies with this organisation for its research projects. It is currently finalising the Rebecca project, applying artificial intelligence to construction in the BIM field.