Hospital Virgen del Rocío

Sando has completed the footbridge that connects the four hospitals that make up the campus of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital (General, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Department, Children’s and Women’s Hospitals). 90 metres long, this spectacular covered walkway, white in colour and wrap-around design, makes it easier to move bedridden patients and for professionals to get around the hospital without having to go outside. 


Sando has a specific line of business for the construction and equipping of healthcare infrastructures and the management of ancillary hospital services. This work provides an emergency procedure for dealing with the pandemic. It allows the physical and healthcare interconnection of the different buildings that make up the hospital complex. It was also an architectural challenge for the hospital’s Works and Maintenance assistant manager’s office. In addition to building the bridge, it was necessary to negotiate the access road to the accident and emergency department of the Women’s Hospital, the rehabilitation clinics, the sanitary cistern and a children’s playground. 


This unique structure manufactured in Seville, with an approximate surface area of 500 square metres, avoids thermal shock to allow optimal indoor living and climatic conditions. It also cuts out the need for a manoeuvre that, until now, was repeated externally around 1,200 times a year to transfer the patient to another hospital. 

Specialisation in hospital infrastructures 

Sando recently received the contract for constructing the new laboratories of the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid. In Andalusia, it has completed the remodelling work on the Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cádiz. Among others, it is carrying out the extension work on the Quirón Hospital in Malaga.