The CONPREVAM study measures noxious environmental parameters in construction using drones
The Sando group of companies has completed the training of three prevention technicians as new pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) as part of the implementation of the results of the CONPREVAM research project, focused on occupational risk prevention.

The CONPREVAM study is based on designing a tool for capturing information on environmental parameters to study the concentration of particles in suspension and potentially dangerous gases in work environments.

The three new pilots belong to the Sando group of companies’ Joint Prevention Service and are geographically distributed in the communities of Andalusia, Extremadura and Madrid to cover most areas of the country.

This new project covers the measurement, processing, information management and storage of useful data on dangerous gases, as well as other agents such as lighting levels or even temperatures and humidity levels. The research compares the data provided by static sensors installed on site with the information provided by sensors on board the drones. This technology will help to offer environmental values on possible pollutants in real time.

This R&D&i project carries on the SSL-RPAS feasibility study initiated by Sando in 2017 and can be applied to civil works and building infrastructures, water treatment plants and aggregate and asphalt production plants, among others.

Sando’s clear commitment to occupational risk prevention has allowed it to become, in 2019, one of the first construction companies in the country to certify its Health and Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 45001:2018, the top international ISO standard for prevention. It was also the first construction company in Andalusia to do so with Aenor.

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