Sando and its Foundation have collaborated during the pandemic with entities such as the Food Bank, the Red Cross, the Cudeca Foundation, Caritas, the Zero Hunger project and with the disinfection of nursing homes
The health crisis generated by the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease has directly affected the most vulnerable groups. That is why the Sando Foundation has upped its efforts and charity work, delivering a total of 15,000 kilos of food to the entities it usually collaborates with, such as the Food Bank, Red Cross, Caritas, Fundación Cudeca and the Zero Hunger project, among others.

Working with the Food Banks, the Sando Foundation has joined the large virtual collection campaign to help hundreds of underprivileged families and has contributed essential products to the Food Banks of Seville, Malaga and Velez Malaga.

In the same vein, the Sando Foundation has participated in the Red Cross´s Responde programme, aimed at delivering food to the homes of people in vulnerable situations, some 250 daily. The Foundation has been a part of this project, collaborating in the provinces of Malaga and Seville.

In the Community of Madrid, together with Square Ventures, the Sando Foundation has supported the #Hambrecero project. This project has been designed to distribute more than one million food rations to the families affected by COVID-19. The Foundation has taken care of the logistics for the distribution of 24,000 kilos of potatoes.

Health area

In the health area, the Sando Foundation has joined the appeal of Cudeca, a non-profit foundation which provides care for people with cancer and other advanced diseases, whose management has been affected by the pandemic and has requested help to continue to provide care for 1,500 patients a year.

The charity work during this crisis has also been carried out using Sando group resources. During the months of March and April, at the most lethal point of the outbreak Sando organised two teams to disinfect nursing homes, centres for the disabled and convents in the province of Malaga.

The disinfection teams were made up of company volunteers who, equipped with electric spraying backpacks, acted quickly and efficiently to disinfect according the Ministry of Health’s recommendations.


Finally, in its joint venture of the Marbella Road Maintenance Service, Sando has organised a food collection campaign with the Marbella Town Council, in which more than 3,000 kilos of food have been collected for Caritas in just ten days.

The Sando Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and carrying out initiatives, either on its own or in conjunction with other entities, focused on the cultural, social, sporting and employment areas, health and safety, research, the environment, historical and artistic heritage and integration of vulnerable people into the workplace and society.

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