Althenia, the company specialising in environmental services of the Sando group of companies, in collaboration with the Velez-Malaga Town Council, has presented this week the introduction of an organic waste container in the municipality of Velez-Malaga. This action complements the new cleaning campaign focused on a new clean-up campaign focused on promoting citizen collaboration, awareness and awareness-raising of residents, and businessmen and traders, especially in hospitality.


Althenia’s representative, Javier Ruiz, stressed that “the campaign will be carried out in several phases. The first phase will focus on the hotel and catering trade, and then on households in the municipality”, pointing out that “in this second phase there will be a door-to-door campaign throughout the municipality, with information stands set up in each neighbourhood”.


Althenia and currently managing the cleaning and solid urban waste collection service in the municipality, also manages the parks and gardens.