Sando ha concluido las obras de remodelación del Hospital Puerta del Mar de Cádiz. La actuación de la compañía ha consistido en la reforma integral en el exterior e interior de las instalaciones dañadas tras el incendio sufrido en febrero de este año.

Sando has completed the refurbishment of the Hospital Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cadiz. The company’s work consisted of a complete overhaul of the exterior and interior of the facilities damaged after the fire in February this year.

Sando has rebuilt the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in Cadiz in just four months. The fire affected five floors, although the worst damage occurred on the sixth floor.

Sando’s intervention for the Department of Health and Families of the Regional Government of Andalusia has involved a complete overhaul. Sando has worked on the cladding, carpentry, painting, waterproofing, electricity, telecommunications, air conditioning, fire protection, nursing call, medical gases, plumbing and sanitation.


The Government of Andalusia has also communicated that it has replaced all the damaged equipment and furniture. Specifically, two resuscitation trolleys, four monitors, three electrocardiographs, one desk and 40 monitored beds. In addition, there are forty support tables, armchairs, headboards, dividers.

The Sando Group has a specific line for the construction and equipping of healthcare infrastructures and the management of services complementary to hospital activity.