El departamento de Investigación del Grupo Sando ha diseñado un total de 14 proyectos para el Fondo de Recuperación y Resiliencia, Next Generation EU.

The Sando Group Research department has designed 14 projects for the Next Generation EU Resilience and Recovery Fund. Sando will seek funding through the EUR 672.5 billion Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM).

Sando aims to develop 14 research projects that would mobilise more than 800 million euros. The submitted expressions of interest are aligned with the company’s business strategy, within the European objective of achieving a green and digital transition to ensure a sustainable recovery.

The company has prepared the projects in consortium with national and international companies, universities, and research centres and independently. As a result, the projects fall within the thematic axes prescribed by the European Union.

Among the expressions of interest devised, the following stand out: Graphene, an initiative based on energy storage with graphene technology, and Urban Labs Network, oriented towards solutions for urban transformation through smart nodes. Both studies have budgets above 430 million euros.

Knowledge transfer

Sando’s experience in R&D&i over the last decades helps it provide practical and efficient solutions to the technological challenges posed. In this regard, it presented the Wattson project, which focuses on ultra-fast, mobile, and intelligent charging of electric vehicles, and in which it will be able to incorporate the results of the Victoria project, based on the design of a system for the fast charging of buses through electric induction.

As a sustainable company specialising in infrastructures and services, Sando intends to apply for the Next Generation EU Recovery and Resilience Fund with various projects aimed at conserving and maintaining infrastructures. This is the case of Resilience of railway infrastructures, which promotes the digitisation of railway track maintenance and incorporates methodologies such as BIM, big data technology, and cybersecurity.

Sando’s R&D&i department has experienced significant growth over the last two decades. This evolution has enabled it to develop new projects, construction solutions, and patents and apply them to society in its infrastructures and services.