Modernisation of irrigated areas of the Bajo Guadalquivir

Project for the improvement of Bajo Guadalquivir Canal. Modernisation of irrigated areas of the Bajo Guadalquivir. (Seville).

  • Contracting body: Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir River
  • Location: Seville (Andalusia)
  • Description: It includes the demolition and replacement of the canal in 10.5 km, repair in 52.5 km and cleaning in 49.5 km. Nine return ditches are planned equipped with sluice gates and Taintor and the repair of three return ditches, equipping the canal with a remote-control system for its management. In its execution 14,458,500 kg of steel, 267,031 m3 of fast hardening concrete and 330,677 ml treatment of joints are used.