Sando Construcción está realizando en UTE la primera fase de ampliación del Metrocentro de Sevilla. Un proyecto adjudicado por el Ayuntamiento de Sevilla por 14,9 millones de euros y que prolonga la actual línea de Metro Ligero de desde la Estación de San Bernardo hasta la zona de Nervión. 

Sando Construcción is carrying out the first phase of the expansion of the Seville Metrocentro in a joint venture. A project awarded by the Seville City Council for 14.9 million euros extending the current Metro Ligero line from the San Bernardo station to the Nervión area. 

As communicated by the City Council, this project is part of Seville’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The section is 1.4 kilometres long and has three stops at San Francisco Javier, Eduardo Dato, and the Nervión Shopping Centre. 

The route has already been almost entirely excavated. It runs along the central reservation of Ramón y Cajal, San Francisco Javier, and Luis de Morales streets. The project includes the underground crossing between Ramón y Cajal and San Francisco Javier, whose underground infrastructure has already been started by Sando.  

According to the plans of the Consistory, it is expected that once this civil work is completed, the San Bernardo and Nervión areas will be connected in just three minutes and forty seconds.  

Constructive experience 

As a construction company specialising in sustainable infrastructures, Sando recently completed the construction of the tunnels for the Malaga metro and remodelled the station at Gran Vía station in Madrid. In both projects, he has applied innovative solutions that have earned him recognition in the sector, with awards from the Civil Engineers’ Associations of Madrid and Andalusia.